Frequently Asked Questions

2017 USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium

June 6-9, 2017

Chattanooga Convention Center
1150 Carter St
Chattanooga, TN 37402

2017 Challenge Coin

After a nationwide vote, LT Courtney Drevo's design was selected as the 2017 USPHS Symposium Challenge Coin. You can purchase a coin for $10 in Chattanooga.


Presenters: Service Dress White, Service Dress Blue or Summer White

Any combination of uniform (i.e. Khakis, Summer White, Service Dress White or Service /Dress Blue or modified Service Dress White/Service Dress Blue

Anchor & Caduceus Dinner:  Preferred uniforms are the Dinner Dress White Jacket for 0-4 and above and Dinner Dress White (small medals, no name tag) for 0-3 and below.  However, we do not want to discourage officers from attending this important event so they also may wear Service Dress Blue with bow tie and miniature medals or the best uniform they own.  Other services should wear equivalent uniforms.  The civilian dress equivalent is black tie.

Going Green

The PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste and materials from our annual USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium.  A healthier environment leads to healthier people, including you.  The following are some ways we continue to reduce our carbon footprint.  Please join these efforts when you attend the conference.

    • Attendees turn in name badges for reuse
    • Moved to recycled paper for the program and cut its size in half from previous years
    • Eliminated all handouts and printed marketing materials and made them available online
    • Moving the CE process online eliminating a great deal of paper
    • Conference centers and hotels use water coolers instead of plastic water bottles
    • Convention centers have recycling programs
    • Encourage attendees to walk and use public transportation in the host city


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