Scientist Category Day

Join us on Wednesday, June 7 for Category Day!


2017 Scientist Presentations

SciPAC Social Flyer

Thanks to everyone for a great Category Day! For those of you who were unable to attend, we’re doing our best to bring Category Day to you! All Scientist presentation slides are available at the USPHS Scientist All Partners Access Network site. There is also a video recording of the morning; while the sound quality isn’t always ideal, the combination should allow you to hear the talk while looking at the slides.

The video can be accessed at:

Click here for a document indexing the time at which each presentation starts on the video.

Presentation slides can be accessed at:

Please note:

·     If you don’t have one already, you will need to create an account with the USPHS Scientist All Partners Access Network (APAN) in order to access slides. This is a two-step process, first setting up an APAN user profile, and then requesting membership to the USPHS Scientist group. The web address is:


·        Slides are not available or advanced within the video recording for all presentations, however, slide sets can be accessed separately within APAN for all presentations except those noted above.

A video recording is not available for afternoon talks due to technical difficulties.


A huge thanks to our Category Day speakers for making their slides available, and to LCDR Neil Bonzagni and LCDR Iram Hassan for making the video recording possible!



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