Category Day

Category Day Highlights:
On Thursday, June 12  attendees will meet by profession.  Below are the highlights for each profession/category.


  • Oral Medicine: Biopsies and treatment
  • David Satcher lecture
  • Non-fluoride caries intervention


  • Nutrition Today: Prevention, Innovation, and Progress
  • New Menu Labeling In Restaurants
  • Head Start Healthy Heart Program


  • Chief Engineer's Address
  • Healthcare Facilities Accreditation - Facility Engineer Perspective
  • Alternative Energy Technologies and Web-Based Remote Monitoring

 Environmental Health Officers

  • Changing the Safety Culture One Step at a Time
  • Lessons on School Indoor Air Quality from the “Free to Breathe, Free to Teach” Study
  • Enhancing Environmental Health Practice through Increased Use of Qualitative Research Methods
  • The National Tribal Water Center: An Example of Collaboration across USPHS Categories

 Health Services Officers

  • Leadership, Life and Legacy: What is the meaning of a Public Health Service Career?
  • Journey to Excellence: “Leading, Thriving and Adapting in New Times”
  • Round Table Discussions Covering More than 30 Topics


  • Public Health Nursing Spreading Health Awareness and Prevention from Domestic to Global
    Community Health
  • Identifying High-Yield Opportunities for Transitional Care: Findings from Community Care of NC
  • Heads Up/Heads Down: What does sleep have to do with it


  • Personalized Medicines and Pharmacogenomics
  • Disaster Relief Settings
  • Over the Counter Drug Regulation
  • Implementation of Pharmacist Managed Clinics


  • Public Health Engagement Along the Humanitarian Emergency Continuum
  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at CMS
  • PHS Physician Career Update


  • Public Health Improving Population Health: Lessons from ACA Implementation and the Future Public Health Workforce
  • Psychological First Aid Response to Washington Navy Yard Shooting
  • Using Public Data to Inform U.S. Health Workforce Policies


  • The Role of Physical Activity in a System for Health
  • Diagnosing and Managing Acute Upper Extremity Injuries within the Bureau of Prisons
  • The Clinical Impact of the Ankle Brachial Index



  • Back to Basics: A National Prevention Strategy Data Collection Project
  • The One Health Commission: A national multi-disciplinary initiative to advance the health of people, animals and the environment
  • "Animals as Sentinels for Environmental Exposures"


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